Raising money for charity

I am so proud to be the appointed portrait photographer for the National Portrait Awards in the West Essex/East London area.

This Brilliant initiative raises much needed funds for four very worthy, UK based charities while at the same time giving you a chance to win £1000!
The Pet Portrait Awards (PPA) support Guide Dogs for the Blind and Dogs Trust.  The Children's Portrait Awards (CPA) support The Lullaby Trust and The Family Portrait Awards (FPA) support CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young).

Since the group was founded in 2016 we have raised an utterly incredible £90,000!  However we aren't content with this and are looking for your help to raise even more!

So How Can You Help Us?

Well it's easy! Simply click on the type of session you want, Pet, Child or Family to book your complimentary session.  Your £10 donation goes totally to the charity linked to your type of session.  There is no other charge for your session except a £25.00 deposit to confirm the booking.  This will be fully refunded or of set against any purchase at your viewing.

Family Portrait Awards
Children's Portrait Awards